HDPE Pipes

One of the first decisions to be made in the design of a system for water supply or natural gas reticulation is the choice of material. High-density polyethylene HDPE pipe provides a safe and low whole-of-life cost solution in a wide range of applications.

HDPE is a ductile, durable, inert thermoplastic made from polymerised ethylene. HDPE materials have progressively been used in the pipeline industry. HDPE Pipes can bend and curve at angles that would exceed manufacturer specifications and cause more rigid types of pipe material to break. This is helpful both in new construction and in exposed crossings.

Royal Plastic HDPE pipes are strong and long lasting. Our pipes will meet all your requirements of long service, trouble-free installation, flexibility and high resistance to chemicals, acids and other abrasive substances.


  • Drinking Water Supply.
  • Water supply mains and distribution lines.
  • Portable Water supply in urban area as well as rural area.
  • Agriculture irrigation use.
  • Drawing water from bore wells using submersible pumps.
  • Industrial disposal of chemical effluent & waste.
  • Sewerage and drainage systems.
  • Telecommunication cable ducting.

Cable Protection Pipes

HDPE Cable Protection Pipes also known as Conceal pipe or Duct pipe are best suitable for Applications in Telecom ducting....
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Submersible Pump Pipes

HDPE pipes have exceptional properties that make them the best choice in water supply applications especially in drawing water from...
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Water Pipes

HDPE pipes are used widely for water supply systems. HDPE piping is a safe and efficient system to transmit large...
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Agriculture Pipes

HDPE pipes are widely used for agriculture applications in the field of irrigation, drainage and water supply. HDPE pipes are...
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Sewage Pipes

HDPE pipes have been used effectively in sewer applications. The outstanding physical and performance characteristics of solid-wall HDPE pipes make...
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HDPE Pipe Fittings

Royal Plastic offers HDPE Pipe Fittings and connections with highest durability at competitive prices and lowest maintenance cost. We provide:...
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